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Computational Social Network Analysis

CMPSCI 691T • Fall 2003 • Friday 3:00-4:30 • CS 151

Schedule of Readings and Presenters"How to initiate a paper discussion"


Profs. Andrew McCallum and David Jensen
CS244 | CS238
mccallum@cs.umass.edu | jensen@cs.umass.edu
545-1323 | 545-9677


CMPSCI 683, 689, and permission of instructor


Social Network Analysis is the study of relationships among social entities; such as communications among members of a group, economic transactions between corporations, and treaties among nations. Interest is this field is blossoming as traditional practitioners in the social and behavioral sciences are being joined by researchers from statistics, graph theory, machine learning and data mining.

In this course we will survey the field of Social Network Analysis from a computational point of view, with a focus on practical applications and open avenues for further research.

We will read and discuss 2-4 papers per week. All students will write half-page responses to each paper. Students will take turns summarizing the collected responses and presenting papers in class. There will be a final project and paper.


Students taking the class for credit are expected to: produce a half-page response paper for each assigned paper in each week's reading assignment; produce one three-page literature survey paper; produce a final project with experimentation with an in-class presentation and a 4-6 page final paper describing it; lead discussion in one class; present a summary of optional papers in one class; and participate in discussion.

Students auditing the class are expected to produce half-page response papers for each assigned papers.

How do I submit my reading responses?
Write your response in plain ASCII text, put it in a file called "response" on loki.cs, and then deposit it by running `~culotta/public_html/courses/691t/bin/submit.pl response`. You should deposit these responses by noon Thursday to give our David Lettermen/Letterwomen time to read and summarize the responses.

Important dates

October 3 — Survey paper topic due (half-page description)
October 31 — Survey paper due (3 pages) and project topic due (one page description)
December 12 & 16 — Project presentations
December 16 — Project paper due